Nepalese Students fundraising to help friends and family.



By Emmi Bowles – Online & Deputy Features Editor


UCLan Nepalese students are raising money to support the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

Rajul Shrestha, a first year Business Management student from Nepal, has started a page where people can donate money and support those who were affected when the Earthquake hit on the 25th April 2015.

More than 6,000 people have been killed by the disaster. Luckily Rajul’s family is safe but he has friends who have lost their parent’s and other family members.

Rajul spoke to Pluto about his situation and how hard it is to contact his family “If they don’t reply after a while I feel like something is wrong, so it’s really scary. If I hear from my father I will ask where is my mother, where is my sister, where is my brother. I just want to hear everyone’s voices to know that everyone is ok.”

Rajul will not be able to go back and see his family until after exams, du11185651_10153085885929130_198867202_nring the summer holidays.

“At the moment there is already no water, no food and no electricity. If I went over there now then I would just be a burden.” He said.

Along with other Nepalese UCLan students, Rajul is raising money because there are still people who are not able to get a hold of food and water.  People can donate via the website or at the stall they have set up in the Students’ Union. The students have set a target of fundraising £1,000.

“Instead of going there and just sitting and seeing what’s going on, we can do something from here. That is why we are trying to raise money at UCLan.” Rajul added.

To help support the victims of the Nepal Earthquake and Rajul’s fundraising you can donate online at

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