New Features of FIFA 17!

FIFA is one of the most popular annual games and with it’s return this year, it’s been highly anticipated due to new gaming features. So what’s different this year? And what keeps us purchasing one of the biggest franchise in the world?

The Journey

Each year we’ve been buying the new FIFA is due to updated squads, better graphics, improved gaming quality and player likeness. However, this year, the creators have upped their game with the new single player mode ‘The Journey’. But, be cautious 360 and ps3 users as they haven’t added this feature for those devices. This gives an added dimension to the usual, boring career mode. You play as a young upcoming talent that is named Alex Hunter who’s journey is determined by every decision you make throughout gameplay from performance on the pitch to how you deal with press in the boardroom.

Improved Graphics

Again, Graphics is never really something we’ve been disappointed with in the FIFA Collection, that doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be improved. The engine that provided the graphics is the same company who deal with Battlefield Four so we are looking for a better crowd and details whilst celebrating.

Gameplay Features

Touches have become a lot more realistic as in FIFA 16, the ball flew out of control at a slight touch. We will have more control overall. That even goes for fighting for the ball whilst it has been in the air which should see the player’s strength come into play. Also, alongside an improved AI you will see that when players are off the ball that they react a lot better such as moving into space and constantly looking to squeeze the defence.

Have you played the new FIFA 17? How do you feel about the upgrades? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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