New Pokémon Games Announced!

By Lucy Wallwork - Reporter

The time has finally come, but a day early? Yesterday, the day before the official announcement, the names of the new Pokémon games were leaked online. After logos and trademarks for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were spotted online, fans began to show their excitement by sharing the post on Facebook and tweeting under the hashtags #PokemonSun, #PokemonMoon and #PokemonSunAndMoon.

The company behind the franchise, Nintendo, were forced into an early announcement after having to confirm that the rumours of the game were true. Pokémon Sun and Moon will be coming to 3DS later in 2016 with a fresh Pokédex of new Pokémon to catch. All that has currently been confirmed are the names of the new games so the lack of information given at the release has left fans curiously speculating what will come next.

There has been talk online about the possibility that the sun and moon could refer to Pokémon’s 3rd generation Pokémon, Solrock and Lunatone and fans are questioning whether this game could see these two Pokémon finally getting their own mega evolutions. The game is expected to be released in 2016’s “holiday season” so fans can expect it to be on shelves any time between October and December.

The previous games, X and Y, were released in early October 2013 and it is expected that these two will be out at around about a similar time, if not black Friday. Fans are hoping for more game announcements over the next 8-10 months such as starter Pokémon, region, legendaries and a sneak peek of the Pokédex list.

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