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No means no!To promote Sexual Assault Awareness month a student-led campaign called ‘Men Against Violence’ hosted a hard-hitting presentation on the sensitive issue of sexual assault on women in the hopes of raising awareness and understanding of sexual violence, writes Dean Nelson.The campaign, however, does not just raise awareness with sexual assault, it extends out to wide variety of other important issues such as domestic violence, exploitation and even homophobic bullying.

Campaign Director, Mr Chris Flux, spoke about how the campaign is in partnership with the white ribbon campaign and hopes to one day stretch out and become a fully fledged charity.

Unfortunately, turn out for the event was fairly low, but this did not deter the three guest speakers from each giving a comprehensive rendition of their experience with sexual violence in their respective field.

Dr Alyson Jones from SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Center) spoke about how the center offers a one stop location that helps to ensure that, “victims of sexual assault are provided with competent, therapeutic and prompt care” from trained professionals in a comfortable environment. The center, based on the grounds of Royal Preston Hospital allows for self-referrals and provides care and treatment anonymously for any victim in need.

The presentation also featured DCI Sue Crawley and DCI Neil Essen from the Lancashire Constabulary. DCI Essen gave a cautionary presentation that revolved around the fact that most cases of rape in Lancashire, “occurs from from someone you know”, going on to warn that, “if you go out as a group, you should come back as a group”. He concluded his presentation by reinforcing the fact that the police, ‘will always believe the victims; you should not be scared to come forward as you will always be treated appropriately and sensitively”.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help prevent violence against women then just follow the link:

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