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Pete Radcliff, Chairman of Broxtowe Constituency Labour Party, has been expelled from Labour for his links to the far-left group ‘Association for Workers’ Liberty’.

Speaking of his expulsion on Facebook, Radcliff wrote:

“I have been expelled for being an ‘active supporter of the AWL’ and even though I have only just received notification of my expulsion it appears to have been activated at least 2 days ago, probably only hours before Owen Smith’s slanderous attack on the AWL as being anti-Semitic.

“Any public assessment of my expulsion may well lead to an assumption that I am anti-Semitic. I hope to soon finish a full rebuttal of this slanderous accusation, along with an account of my work for the Party since rejoining six years ago.

“This is not just an act on me as an individual, or on my friends in the AWL. It is an attempt to disorganise my local party and demoralise its members. I object in the strongest terms to that. I will not accept it. I will demand my reinstatement. I ask you all to support that and end the witch-hunting of socialists in the party by people who are totally out-of-touch with its current membership.”

Radcliff stood against the Labour Party in Nottingham East in the 2001 and 2005 General Elections, under Socialist Alliance and Socialist Unity banners, respectively. On his Twitter page, Radcliff describes himself as a ‘Marxist’, i.e. someone who follows the teachings of Karl Marx, which later became the Communist system.

Other Executive Officers of the Broxtowe Labour Party said,

“The officers of Broxtowe Labour Party condemn the expulsion of our chair, Pete Radcliff, in the strongest terms possible. Pete is without doubt one of the hardest working political activists for the Labour party in Broxtowe and expulsion comes as an enormous shock to our members.

“Pete has been involved in politics for many years, and has never made a secret of his political activities outside of the Labour party. As officers of Broxtowe Labour who work closely with Pete, we are firmly of the belief that his activities outside the Labour Party have never compromised his commitment to Labour or his ability to inspire, engage, and campaign for a better future for everyone.”

Broxtowe, currently the seat of Tory Anna Soubry, is a marginal constituency and since its creation for the 1983 General Election, no party has formed a Government without holding the seat.

Labour has banned over 3,000 people from getting involved in the Leadership Election for either being members of other political parties, being abusive, or campaigning for other parties. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has claimed that this is a “rigged purge” of Jeremy Corbyn’s allies.

Leadership contender Owen Smith said,

“Under Jeremy’s leadership, we’ve seen people coming into the Labour party from the hard-left of politics people who are bringing into our party anti-Semitic attitudes and that cannot be acceptable,

“There are people on the far left of the Labour party who are flooding in to our party and that’s their word, not mine. The Alliance of Workers Liberty only a couple of weeks ago said ‘let’s flood into the Labour party’.”

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