NUS VP Election Results (part one!)

Emili Peake - UCLan NUS Delegate

Over 1200 students, elected officers and campaigners from higher and further education, including apprentices, from across the UK are spending this week in Brighton to debate and decide on key policy issues affecting students.

NUS is run by a team of 19 full time elected officers, representing the broad range of our membership. NUS National Conference elects the National President and 5 Vice Presidents – Higher Education, Further Education, Welfare, Union Development and Society and Citizenship.

This afternoon NUS delegates have voted for Vice President’s Further Education, Higher Education and Welfare.

Emily Ann Chapman, of Leeds City College, was elected as Vice President Further Education.

Emily said:
“I am thrilled that students have put their faith in me and elected me to be the next Vice President Further Education. Over my term I am looking forward to representing students across the UK, starting to heal some of the damage done to the sector over the last few years.”

Amatey Doku, from the University of Cambridge, was elected Vice President Higher Education.

Amatey said:
“I’m delighted to have been elected as NUS’ Vice President Higher Education. I’d like to thank all those who campaigned and voted. However, we must be under no illusion: the hard work begins now. With the Brexit negotiations under way and the implementation of sweeping Higher Education reforms, now is the time for NUS to commit all its available resource to fighting for a much stronger voice on a national level.”

“It will be both my responsibility and my privilege to take on this task at this crucial time. I look forward to continuing the dialogue and debate that have shaped the campaign so far, to make sure that NUS truly represents students views and fights on the issues that matter for students.”

Izzy Lenga, from the University of Birmingham, was elected Vice President Welfare

Izzy Lenga said:
“I look forward to getting started as NUS’ Vice President Welfare, bringing our welfare campaign back to students’ unions, supporting the vital work that they do to change the lives of students’ day in day out. I am thrilled to have been elected as a proud Jewish woman and will work tirelessly to ensure our movement and our society is free from any form of antisemitism, as well as all other types of racism and discrimination.

“We are living through some of the most turbulent and uncertain times: accommodation is unaffordable, poor student mental health is rife and social media abuse is rampant on campus. As we go to the polls in June, we must make sure that issues facing students are at the heart of the debate.”

National Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of NUS and its purpose is to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership of the organisation for the year ahead. Elections taking place include National President, the five Vice President positions and the Block of 15 all of which sit on the National Executive Council.

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