The Virtuix Omni

One of the things that we’ve seen recently with the Xbox One and the PS4 unveiling, is that the gaming industry is constantly attempting to make itself more immersive. A group from over the pond, who go by the name Virtuix, have come up with an invention that could revolutionize the way we play games forever, it’s called the Omni.

From the video (posted below) we can see that the player puts on the virtual gaming goggles and then mounts this strange machine which looks like a running machine for people who aren’t quite sure where they’re going. It’s made up of several grooves which are designed to work in tandem with special shoes to monitor the direction you are heading as well as sidestepping and jumping.

“The feeling of immersion, of moving around naturally in a virtual world, is mindblowing and that’s we developed the Omni.” Said Jan Goetgeluk, founder of Virtuix, which has received 661% backing on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter.

So far, the group has raised $991,737 worth of backing with one backer pledging over $10,000 to see the project finished.

There is still 14 days to help fund the project to reap the benefits of doing so on

Just, in the words of Engadget, “try [to] resist throwing money at the screen”.

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