Only Dicks Show Theirs

Emma Rosemurgey - Online Editor

Comment CockrelIn a generation of young people who grew up with the likes of MSN, Snapchat and Tinder, the phenomenon that is the ‘dick pic’ is quite common practise and is usually shrugged off with a giggle with your mates.

But is a dick pic ever really acceptable?

Imagine sitting on the couch, watching Coronation Street with your parents, when a Snapchat pops up from that guy you met in Evoque last week. You innocently open it, thinking it’s probably another picture of the lasagne that he made with the hashtag ‘chef’ on the bottom. But no. Mark from Evoque decided that 7.45pm on a Monday evening is the perfect time to show off his Richard.

Why would Mark think that your life would benefit from a cheeky snap of his of his German Currywurst? Did you lead him on? Did you give him the wrong impression? On what planet would he think it was okay to invade your eyes with such an image.

It is however important to note the difference between sexting, and the unsolicited dick pic.

Sexting is a series of steamy messages between two consensual partners that may or may not include the exchange of nudes.
The unsolicited dick pic is usually unwarranted, unwanted and not asked for. An intrusion of personal space that can be considered an assault.

The kind of people that usually send such images can be guessed from the name. Dicks.

The kind of people that wish they had manhoods as large as their egos. Although sadly this is rarely the case.

Whether it is taken from a jaunty angle, a bird’s eye view or wearing a funny hat, a dick pic will never be pretty if it is unwanted.

This is not a criticism for those who exchange consensual pics between one another, but of those who believe it is acceptable to assume other people want to see their privates.

If a man were to expose themselves in the street, it would be an offence of indecent exposer. So why should it be any different when done so through a digital medium?

We live in the age of the over-share, and although many people feel comfortable with living their life in such a way, it should not be forced upon the eyes of others.

Don’t be like Mark, keep your dick pics to yourself.

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Joe Young has been involved with student media for a very long time now, holding posts within The Pulse, and Pulse Radio, as well as the predecessor of The Pulse, Pluto. He is currently Politics Editor of The Pulse, and Head of News of Pulse Radio. In 2016, he won the Media Award for Best Article for his coverage of the Fishergate Shopping Centre bomb scare.

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