Opening Night Success for MTS


Wedding Singer

By Emili Peake – Features Editor

Music Theatre Society hits all the right notes on opening night of The Wedding Singer.

I do confess to enjoying a trip to the West End, so when I was invited to the Media Factory to watch the MTS rendition of the Weddig Singer, I jumped at the chance. I was not disappointed.

80’s themed musical stars Robbie Hart (played by Harry Jones); a wedding singer who is left at the alter on his own wedding day. Set to the standard music theatre ‘boy meets girl’ design, the Wedding Singer follows Robbie’s quest for his new love.

The first thing I’d like to mention is the casting. Considering that there seems to be a shortage of males within the society, the casting of the main and secondary characters is rather accurate. The lack of male actors add to the comedic value with the one male ensemble member rotating between a variety of characters.

To compliment the casting is the talent and it is clear from the opening number that MTS has no shortage of talent. The accurate casting meant that those with powerful voices played characters to show off their skills. One notable character is waitress Holly (played by Lauren Myers), secondary character and part of the comedy couple. Myers’ lungs filled the stage and closed the first half with a resounding success. Other characters which required a sweeter sound were cast in roles such as lead women Julia Sullivan (played by Holly White). A strong performer with a gentle voice, White  delivered well on stage. Having spent some time in university theatres, there is a tendency to fall into the trap of giving all the 3rd years main parts, so it was good to see first year Molly Moore playing the character Rose, hilarious Nan of Robbie. Moore’s portrayal of Rose had me in stitches during her number.

I can’t help but feel that MTS have been let down by the venue. Although they worked well with the space, some of the levels were, at times not seen due to the seating being on the same level as the stage. There were also times that dialogue and soloists were lost amidst within the background sound. This seems out of control of the society however, and this was shown by the fantastic work of the production team.

Lastly I’d like to praise the strong choreography within the show. It is my understanding that in previous years MTS have not focussed on the dance element of the theatre, however have vastly improved their overall performance by adding in well executed choreography. A particular favourite of mine was the number Single where the intimate staging laid favour to the opening of the scene.

Unsurprisingly tickets for both the matinee and evening performances on Saturday are sold out so I highly recommend that you get yourself down to see this fantastic interpretation of The Wedding Singer and any future performances this society runs.


You can follow UCLan Music Theatre Society on facebook to find out more about The Wedding Sing and future events here: MTS Facebook Page

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