Oscars Goody Bags: How Much is Too Much?

By Lucy Wallwork - Reporter

A collection of Oscars statuettes

The Oscars is night specially designed for our favourite film stars to dress up in fancy clothes and drink champagne (because there aren’t already enough nights for that!). Whilst we watch these celebrities living the high life at this glorified soirée, we sit in our living rooms munching crisps in our pyjamas, envying everything they have in life that we don’t.

But evidently, we don’t all think this way. Particularly not the organisers of this event, who seem to believe that even the richest of nominees deserve that ‘little bit extra’. Each nominee, in five separate categories, will walk away with a goody bag like a from a child’s birthday party. Except this one isn’t filled with tacky toys and a slice of birthday cake.

The contents of these special goody bags have a total value of over $220,000, and include expensive and obscure luxury items such as a $1,900 Vampire breast lift treatment, which uses a woman’s own blood to improve skin appearance and softness. Also included in the bag of unnecessary luxury is a three complimentary night stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy worth $5,000 and a VIP all-access trip to Israel worth $55K.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are all very nice items, and it is a pleasant reward for the entertainment these stars are giving the public, but isn’t being nominated for the film industry’s biggest prize a big enough reward to show how much they’re appreciated? With a total of $220K+ being spent on each individual recipient of these swag bags, surely there are most efficient ways of using the money?

Every day people in the world struggle with the cost of living, even if it only is a small percentage of people. They rely on places such as food banks, charities and even passers-by on the street to help them afford their next meal. The big question is, “Why isn’t this money being used in an efficient way?” If it were to be used in a way to help the poverty surrounding us, we would be able to prove that there is still some decency in the world and  that materialism is not taking over good people.

There has been a lot of debate over this controversy including several people suing over the contents of the bags. It really makes you wonder what the world is coming to when the contents of a $220,000 bag is up for debate, especially when it’s for people who make more than that in their next pay cheque and can purchase these luxuries for themselves with next to no problems.

In order to combat the controversy, I believe that the bags should be scrapped and the money should be put towards something more efficient such as being distributed evenly around numerous charities and fixing the various problems in the world around us. The people who get these bags are already millionaires. If they wanted to make real shockwaves in the world of showbiz, they’d give each nominee a $220K donation to a charity of their choice. The Academy and the nominees get good publicity, and charities get huge sums of money and will get at least their five minutes of fame.

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