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By Caitlin Mclaren – Chief Culture Reporter

As This is England is the most talked about TV Show of the year, we spoke to Andrew Lewis (Gadget) about the upcoming series and what it will feature! The collection of a film and three series has took us through a roller coaster of emotions and this series, This is England 90, will be the last. We are going to miss one of the best bits of TV of our generation, here’s what Andrew had to say.

Cheers for speaking to us Andrew, first off what was it like working for Shane Meadows?

 Amazing, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him since I was 15. My first job was TIE. He’s a great bloke, a good friend and an amazing practical joker. He allows us to improvise and bring our own experiences to the characters.

What’s been your favourite scene to film out of both the series and the films?

My fave scene? The confrontation with Woody in 88′ when we bump into him with Milky, always sticks out. We where banned from seeing Joe Gilgun off camera so when we filmed the emotions ran high. It was done in one take, I don’t think we could of managed another take! Also in 90’s episode next week we have a big rave scene which was amazing to film as we had a few sneaky drinks and filmed all night.

Sounds class! How did you get your role?

A drama for ITV was filmed at my high school and used the students as extras. Afterwards the casting director, Michelle Smith, sent some of us for different roles and I went for a couple and one turned out to be TIE.

Who out of the cast have you most enjoyed working with and why?5592427205_4deb5dc17d_b

All of them for different reasons, I couldn’t possibly choose.

The film, 86, 88 or 90, which did you enjoy working on the most?

All of them to be honest. I think 86 and 90 where probably the most fun for me though.

Last question! What should we expect from the last series?

Laughs, pills, Stone Roses, pills, heart ache, heart break. And pills!


Let us know if you’ve enjoyed the series so far and what you expect to see from the final few episodes!

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