Pluto takes on Source Bar’s Diablo Wings Part II

Think you can handle the heat? The Diablo Wings challenge is back!

Today Source Bar is bringing back the Diablo Wings challenge as part of it’s Fuel & Refuel special offer, which takes place every Wednesday. The dish consists of six chicken wings of fire coated in “an insanely hot” BBQ sauce and Source Bar wants to know if students can handle the heat for only £4.

In preparation for the special offer, Pluto’s Editor-in-Chief Hannah Mason and Head of PR & Social Media Sam Johnson got to try an exclusive taste of the recipe before it went on sale. Both were warned prior to attempting the chicken to use cutlery and not their hands as well as being informed of previous successful and defeated challengers taking on these hot wings.

Hannah spoke to Pluto after attempting the insanely hot sauce, “I’ll admit it was hot, but I love spicy food so it wasn’t too difficult for me. My mouth is still slightly burning but nothing I can’t handle. I did think I’d spend the rest of the day crying in the corner somewhere though.”

11637962_10153866277753377_2043107977_nSam Johnson however had a different experience, posting to Facebook saying “owwwwwww arrgghhhh it hurts!!!” and revealing to Source Bar staff that “his mouth felt like it was on fire” as well as his face going bright red, he began to sweat and look like he was about to cry. Pluto can reveal Sam is completely fine and currently recovering in the library.

Source Bar chefs have worked hard on the recipe and have had a couple attempts at getting the level of hot sauce perfect for this challenge, watch here to see how Hannah and Sam got on.

Fuel & Refuel occurs every Wednesday with a different food offer every week, keep up to date with Source Bar and what’s other events and offers they have on Facebook, Twitter or the Union website.

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