[FROM THE PAPER] Pluto Talks: 28 Grams Later [PART ONE]

By Luke Meyers - Chief Culture Reporter

Whether or not post-apocalyptic novels are normally your thing, 28 Grams Later is sure to thrill you from start to finish. The unique style of Aston Parsons, providing a fantastic storyline full of action and excitement which never lets up, and threading constant and deeply humorous comedic breaks throughout, is definitely a huge selling point for this book.

Parsons’ amazingly crafted comedy does not detract from the serious feel of the story though, as he throws in constant references to current ideology and politics, forcing you to stop and think.

These references are most easily seen perhaps in the news skits, which absolutely hit the nail on the head. The daring close to the bone nature of these sections just add to the humour, making them all the more enjoyable.

The storyline is set in a beautifully crafted universe, with noticeable throwbacks to the classics of the genre. Within Parsons’ masterpiece Britain is in a sorry looking state with a vastly reduced population, and a lack of food, water, electricity, and many other essentials.

The main characters in the piece have a taste for cannabis, providing another area for Aston Parsons to provide us with ingenious references to another area of society. This affinity for weed is highlighted in the tagline of ‘Get high or die’. A brilliant window into the book.

In addition to the constant humour, political power struggles become the focus of the more thought provoking themes throughout 28 grams later, as they start to have a large impact on the narrative, and the incoming ideology shift makes for a very interesting read. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone, regardless of their literary preferences.

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