By Joe Young - Politics Editor

UK Prime Minister Theresa May

Since Prime Minister Theresa May came into office, over 50,000 new members have joined the Conservative Party. Speaking to the Sunday Times and Telegraph this morning, a senior Tory source said,

“There has been a record breaking number of registrations for conference – suggesting that while Labour tears itself apart with splits and break-off groups, the Conservative party is more united than ever and ready to get on with the work of governing for the whole country.”

The Conservatives still lag behind the Labour party, who have an estimated 515,000 members to the Tories’ 199,800. The Liberal Democrats have approximately 76,000, the Green Party 53,000,  and the Scottish National Party 120,200. UKIP are in last place amongst major parties, on 47,000 members.

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Joe Young has been involved with student media for a very long time now, holding posts within The Pulse, and Pulse Radio, as well as the predecessor of The Pulse, Pluto. He is currently Politics Editor of The Pulse, and Head of News of Pulse Radio. In 2016, he won the Media Award for Best Article for his coverage of the Fishergate Shopping Centre bomb scare.

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