Poker Society Plays To Raise Money For Dementia UK

Members enjoy their weekly game
Members enjoy their weekly game




UCLan SU Poker Week 16 23rd February

Poker Week has begun where events are being held across campus every day for the next 7 days.


In an interview, Brad Jones; Chairman of Poker Society explains that Dementia UK is a charity close to the heart of society members and are hoping to raise at least £500 for the charity. Brad added that if the total amount went over £1000 he would reward all society members with a surprise reward, but kept a tight lip to Pluto about what this may be.

Looking at the list of event, surprisingly it’s not just poker, so if you’ve never played, there is a still plenty of opportunities to join in. Each day features a different event, with Tuesday being of Target Practice. The games on Tuesday range from beer pong, flip a chip and a strange game featuring nerf guns and cards. For those that wish to exercise their general knowledge, they can join in the Quiz Time on Wednesday at 6pm in the Artium. Both events have prizes up for grabs.

The main event will be Casino Night at the Atrium on Friday, 4pm – 10pm. Brad would like to thank members of the Poker Society who have taken their time to learn how to deal and volunteer their time for the week. Brad hopes that their work raises awareness of Dementia UK and the services they provide, as well as funding for Dementia UK.

To round off we asked Brad what the best event for those who aspire to play poker and here is his response: ”I feel Monday or the casino will be the best event because you will be playing poker or being dealt your hands by society members and they can tell you first hand what they think of this society. If you haven’t already joined a society then you are missing out. Lifelong friends can be made in a society so if you haven’t joined one yet, do something about it!”


You won't need luck for the General Knowledge Quiz on Wednesday
You won’t need luck for the General Knowledge Quiz on Wednesday


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