Powered Laces… What’s next? Hoverboards?

Nike's Power Laces to be released in 2015

Nike has officially announced that self-lacing shoes, as seen in Back to the Future 2, will be released in 2015.

21st October 2015, the date that the famous Marty Mcfly with crazy Doc Brown ended up at, to save the Mcfly’s future.

A film that gave us futuristic ideas like hoverboards, robotic waitresses, flying automobiles and self-adjusting clothes. We used to only dream of this, but now we have the chance of experiencing them ourselves.

Nike's Power Laces to be released in 2015
Nike’s Power Laces to be released in 2015
“Great Scott”

Nike’s shoes will be power laced, with the patent already owned by the company since 2010. In 2011 Nike released a limited collection MAG, these shoes were all inspired and designed around the famous shoes.

Hopefully, technology will mimic the films predictions, or at least materialise in the next couple of years.

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