Preston City Council Candidates Announced

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Candidates for Preston City Council’s 2016 local elections have been released today. Within these candidates is Bowen Perryman, Presidential candidate in the 2016 UCLan SU elections. Keep your eyes peeled for a series of interviews with each party on what they have to offer young people in Preston.

Michael Arthur Balshaw (Conservative)
Alasdair David Bremner (Greens)
Mark George Jewell (Lib Dems)
Graeme Moitie (UKIP)
Angela Vodden (Labour)

Daryl Bamber (Conservative)
Philip Edward Corker (Labour)
Neil Graham (UKIP)

Royston Banks (UKIP)
John Potter (Lib Dems)
Suleman Sarwar (Labour)
Jim Witherington (Conservative)

Jonathan Campbell (Conservative)
Derek Killen (UKIP)
Lynne Wallace (Labour)

Emma Fielding (Conservative)
Martyn Andrew Rawlinson (Labour)

Stuart Robert Greenhalgh (Conservative)
Nweeda Khan (Labour)
Hans Voges (Lib Dems)

Claire Craven (Lib Dems)
Damien Moore (Conservative)
John Wilson (Labour)

Kieran Aspden (UKIP)
Pauline Mary Brown (Lib Dems)
John Rochford (Labour)
Anthony Smith (Conservative)

Alice Buchanan (Conservative)
David John Callaghan (Lib Dems)
David Martin Dawson (UKIP)
Mark Yates (Labour)

Trevor Michael Hart (Conservative)
Mark Bernard Kingsley (UKIP)
Rebecca Potter (Lib Dems)
Samir Vohra (Labour)

Preston Rural East
Tom Davies (Conservative)
Stephen Andrew Smith (Labour)

Preston Rural North
Robert James Cross (Labour)
Lona Smith (Conservative)
Alex Warren (Lib Dems)

Robert Charles Ash (Lib Dems)
Anthony James Helps (UKIP)
Stephen Kay (Conservative)
Nicholas William Pomfret (Labour)

Victoria Bamber (Conservative)
Linda Crompton (Labour)
Alex Walker (Green)
Maureen Watt (UKIP)

Sharoe Green
Helen Disley (Green)
Jonathan James Grisdale (Labour)
Greg Vickers (Lib Dems)
David Walker (Conservative)

St George’s
Anis Faruki (Labour)

St Matthew’s
Jade Marie Morgan (Labour)
James Shuttleworth (Conservative)

Town Centre
Drew Gale (Labour)
Matthew Hargreaves (Conservative)

Matthew John Brown (Labour)
Edward Craven (Lib Dems)
Bowen Perryman (Conservative)
Andrew John Watt (UKIP)

About Joe Young 316 Articles
Joe Young has been involved with student media for a very long time now, holding posts within The Pulse, and Pulse Radio, as well as the predecessor of The Pulse, Pluto. He is currently Politics Editor of The Pulse, and Head of News of Pulse Radio. In 2016, he won the Media Award for Best Article for his coverage of the Fishergate Shopping Centre bomb scare.

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