Preston Expereinces the Solar Eclipse.




Millions of people around the UK and Europe, witnessed the Solar Eclipse this morning.

The Physics Society held an event with the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute for the eclipse. Hundreds of students and members of the public turned up near the Foster building ad Muadland Bank to witness the event.

Tom Halpin, President of the UCLan Physics Society said: “We set up solar telescopes and kit to observe the eclipse but we were worried at first about the cloud cover.”

The society had 150 glasses to give out to students/members of the public so they could observe the eclipse safely.

“The eclipse began at 8.30 am, it was really difficult to see the sun as the cloud cover was quite heavy, but towards 9.00 am we were able to get some really good views of the moon passing in front of the Sun.” Tom told Pluto.

Students from the Physics Society went around the crowd explaining what was happening to all the members of the public.

The eclipse peaked at 9.30am where about 90%and  the temperature dropped by  3/4 degrees as Preston got slightly darker, before ending at 10:30am.

“The overall reaction from the public and passing students we thought was amazing, especially with the turnout because we really didn’t expect it to be that massive.
Afterwards it felt like a great accomplishment because we managed to get good views of the eclipse, an eclipse like this only happens every 10-15years so it is a very rare event.” Said Tom.








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