Fulwood MP – “Michael Gove is a Gossip When Drinking”

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Ben Wallace, Member of Parliament for the Wyre and Preston North constituency, which encompasses the Fulwood part of Preston, has today said that Tory Leader candidate and potential Prime Minister Michael Gove is a gossip, and that his alleged gossipy nature gets worse when drinking.

Speaking of Gove’s alleged leaks whilst posturing Boris Johnson for Prime Minister, Wallace said:

“For me this wasn’t new.

“When I was a government whip and Michael was the chief whip, the office leaked like a sieve. Important policy and personnel details made their way to the papers. Michael seems to have an emotional need to gossip, particularly when drink is taken, as it all too often seemed to be.

“UK citizens deserve to know that when they go to sleep at night their secrets and their nation’s secrets aren’t shared in the newspaper column of the prime minister’s wife the next day, or traded away with newspaper proprietors over fine wine.”

He later added:

“Boris is many things, but nasty he is not.

“I remember when he made his decision to back Brexit I pleaded with him not to. I said it would lose him the leadership. But he said ‘sovereignty mattered more than anything’.

“At the time David Cameron was negotiating hard in Brussels. Boris agreed it would be dishonourable to pull the rug from under the PM as he sat at dinner with EU leaders trying to get the best for the UK. So he waited till he was back. Gove didn’t. That says it all.”

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