Preston Protests Against Trump

Kawa Campbell - Reporter

The Preston community gathered together against President Trump.

Roughly 300 people gathered outside Preston’s Harris Museum on the 30th of January in a solidarity protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order to suspend all US nationals from travelling to and from 7 Muslim majority countries and indefinitely banning Syrian refugees from the US. The protest, in spite of being organised in under 24 hours, brought roughly 300 Preston locals and UCLan students together.

There was a wide demographic of protesters including Islamic protesters, the local community, students and even children; collectively showing the discontent for Trumps executive order. The protest went on for 2 hours and a number of speakers attended.



“I say we all need to stand together and show the world that this cannot happen” – Ella Worsley

The peaceful protesters showed solidarity; however, for a moment EDL supporters did arrive on the scene wearing balaclavas and some hurled xenophobic remarks at protesters before local authorities quickly intervened.

Aziz was asked if he thinks there is xenophobia in Preston, he said: “Yes there is, just look on Lancashire hate crime figures. There are people who don’t feel welcome in a multi-cultural society.”


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