By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Preston has voted to Leave the European Union. The vote was 53.2% Leave, to 46.8% Remain.

Sources within the Liberal Democrats are quietly surprised by this decision,having expected a much higher percentage for Leave, but sources within Labour are disappointed, with Labour MP Mark Hendrick having been supportive of the Remain campaign.

Eurosceptic campaign co-ordinator John Wilson said,

“I feel ecstatic. We have worked hard in the Preston area, and South Ribble and Broughton and Garstang. We’ve delivered over 35,999 leaflets,hit the doorstep and talked to a lot of people. We’re not surprised we’ve won in Preston…Preston has sent out a message to the rest of the U.K. that we are going to win this.”

Hendrick, a former Member of the European Parliament, said,

“For some it’s an opportunity to kick the Government rather than necessarily voting on the EU issue itself as the Government wanted us to remain.

“Obviously my view is it’s a solution to a lot of problems because we cooperate on so many issues…., particularly trade and the single market, things like food quality and consumer law.

“I do think the campaign towards the end has been very emotive, very raucous and very poisonous. It’s not really been a good example of British democracy. It’s been a lot of name calling and vitriol… some of the opinions I would describe as xenophobic and some I would go so far as to say bordered on racism. The immigration debate has been an absolute disgrace.”

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