Water safe to drink in some parts of Lancashire

faucet-686958_1280By Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

United utilities have announced that the boil water notice has been lifted for certain areas of Lancashire.

The company have stated that “our continuing work to remove the cryptosporidium bug from the Lancashire area, including the use of ultraviolet rigs and flushing activities, is proving successful and we are now able to lift the boil water notice in the following postcode areas.”

FY1 2, FY1 3, FY 2 9, PR1 0, PR1 1, PR1 2, PR1 3, PR1 4, PR1 5, PR1 6, PR1 7, PR1 7, PR1 9, PR2 1, PR2 2, PR2 6, PR7 2, PR7 3, PR7 4.

Residents in these areas now no longer need to boil their water before drinking.

The company issued a further statement saying: “We will be compensating all homes and businesses who have been affected by the boil water advice notice and we will be contacting you direct about this.

“We are extremely grateful to you for your patience and cooperation during this time. We know how frustrating this has been for you.”

Residents of areas that have not been announced as safe are still advised to boil their water until further notice.

For more information about the water situation visit: http://www.unitedutilities.com/lancashire-boiled-water.aspx

The company first issued the boil water notice on 6 August when traces of the parasite were found at the Franklaw treatment works near Preston.



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