Primary school student presents in front of mature UCLan students.


A UCLan lecturer’s 10-year-old son has presented in front of over 100 UCLan students, on his views towards the use of palm oil, its impact on the rainforests and whether this is ethical.

Javier Iglesias-Leeming is a year six pupil at Queen’s Drive Primary school in Fulwood, Preston.

Javier produced a school project to illustrate his understanding about how palm oil destroys the rain forests and kills of the animals.  Javier stated he was very nervous but he also expressed how he wanted to help people’s futures and raise awareness about the damages of palm oil, which is something he is very passionate about.

The presentation was influenced by Javier’s father, David Leeming, who is the school of language, literature and international studies and more importantly, the course leader in international business communication. David Leeming has an hour class every Friday morning, and chose to talk about ethics and social responsibility by inviting his son to present in front of his students, aged 20-30 years old.

Javier was helped by his International Business Communication teacher, Helen Beresford, who has stated she is very proud of him.

David Leeming announced this was the first time a school student has presented in front of his UCLan students, as he normally invites guest speakers from various industries.

Overall, the presentation was a great success.

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  1. This is a interesting article which I hope will inspire more young people to have a voice. Young people need positive role models and this is a really good example .

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