Radiohead Drop Surprise New Single

By Leah Bradford-Thom - Reporter

After some very unusual activity by Radiohead on their social media outlets, Radiohead have released the video for their latest output Burn the Witch, which is assumed to be from their next studio album.

The band deleted all of its Facebook page history, and changed its cover and profile pictures to two black and white, abstract images. This is possibly artwork for the new release, which would be their 9th studio album. Two animated videos were then posted via their Instagram of a tweeting bird and a group of masked men dancing around a tied-up woman.

This afternoon, the official video link to ‘Burn the Witch’ was posted, with no other activity since. This is not the first time Radiohead have caused a storm with their behaviour online. Their 2007 release ‘In Rainbows’ caused controversy when it was given away free from their website, with fans only being encouraged to pay for it if they wished.

This made the band more money than all of their previous albums combined, and shook up attitudes towards what artists are paid for their work. Burn the Witch can be watched and listened to via Youtube.

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