Recipe: Mac Kale Rice

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Since I like food I’m gonna make my inaugural post a simple recipe.

I have often heard about the unhealthiness of white rice. But my argument is, in places like China people seem to eat lots of it and remain relatively healthy.

Okay, you caught me out on that one, I’ve never been to China.  Blah blah, forget the whole debate, I love rice.

Rice is versatile and tasty.  I’m sure it is fine for you if served in a  healthy way. Which is what this post is about.

This recipe, Mac Kale Rice is an upgrade of the classic smoked mackerel on rice ( yeah the Mac here is not Macaroni but Mackerel). This is great as a Saturday dinner when you would rather not have that pizza. It’s simple, fast, hearty, healthy and Yum.

Ingredients: Rice, Smoked Mackerel, half a pack of Kale, one small red onion, one red bell and/or chilli pepper (depends on your spice experience), fish sauce (optional), soy sauce, salt to taste.


Step 1

Boil Rice until soft.

That’s apparently for people who know how to. If you don’t, the ratio for boiling rice is one cup of rice to two cups of water. Cook on medium heat till soft. Add a little more water if needed till desired softness.

Or just use Microwaved rice (which I believe is just a rip-of and sin in a pack but whatever floats your boat (no judgment 🙂 ).

Step 2

Chop onions largely. Chop bell and or chilli peppers. Tear mackerel into large bite sized chunks.

Heat a splash of oil in a pan, medium to low heat.

Add in onions and pepper, stir fry 2 mins .

Add Kale, a dash of soy sauce and fish sauce. Add a sprinkle of salt. Mix and stir fry together for few minutes.

Add a quarter cup of water. Cover pan and reduce for a few minutes till kale has reached to your desired softness. Add a little more water if need be.

Add in the shredded Mackerel and let it heat up with the sauce. Done.

Serve with rice.


Do try this recipe and tell me what you think in the comments. Also you can ask questions in the comments about it.

P.S if you are vegetarian replace mackerel with mushrooms and don’t use fish sauce.

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