Referendum Watch: Energy

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Everyone uses electricity in their daily life. Did you know the EU has energy policy? To find out about it, and what both sides are saying about it, read on.

Brute Facts

  • The EU is in the process of developing a single internal market for energy (Source)
  • In the UK, we use 2249 TWh of energy a year (Source)
  • In the EU overall, 104,426 TWh of energy is used per year (Source)


  • The Remain side say that Britain’s energy security is stronger in the EU because of collective bargaining
  • They also say that in the event of Brexit, taxation could make importing energy from the EU too expensive to work
  • Finally, they say that the EU is at the forefront of renewable energy and staying in would make the energy economy greener


  • The Leave side EU environmental regulations stifle the energy industry and drive up prices
  • They also say that after Brexit, EU countries would still want to sell energy to the UK
  • Finally, they also say that out of the EU, the UK could direct research funding into different types of energy and find a solution that works in practice and not just in theory

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