Referendum Watch: Equality

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Everybody loves equality – who wouldn’t? The EU has been a major player in equality for over 40 years. But what implications would Brexit have on the EU and equality? Read on to find out.

Brute Facts

  • The EU funds an agency for gender equality – the European Institute for Gender Equality (Source)
  • It has also passed directives requiring equal treatment of people regardless of ethnic origin (Source)
  • There is an EU-wide strategy for tackling discrimination against Roma (gypsy) people (Source)


  • The Remain side say that the EU has been responsible for huge amounts of progress in gender equality, such as the Equal Pay Directive and the Parental Leave Directive
  • They also say that EU membership gives people a safeguard on the UK Government infringing on their right to equality
  • Finally, they say that the European Court of Human Rights, which has often overruled the Government, is a separate institution entirely to the European Union – the UK actually took an active role in the creation of the ECHR


  • The Leave side say that in the event of Brexit, the UK would still have the Equality Act 2010 to safeguard equality
  • They also say that leaving the EU would give us more freedom to protect people as they need to be.
  • Finally, they say that the EU is innately discriminatory against non-Europeans and is therefore racist

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