Referendum Watch: Farming

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Another one of the issues that is far bigger than it seems, farming is one of the things the EU is quite involved in. We’ve done the legwork on the arguments behind it so you can make an informed decision when it comes to Polling Day.

Brute Facts

  • The Common Agricultural Policy is a system of subsidies for agriculture across the EU (Source)
  • Almost 200,000 British farms received over £3.5 billion of funding in 2014 (Source)
  • The budget of the CAP is due to shrink in the future (Source)


  • The Remain side say that without the CAP, the UK farming industry would collapse
  • The National Farmer’s Union, the UK’s largest farming organisation, has backed EU membership
  • Additionally, they say that the EU is the UK’s biggest importer of agricultural goods


  • The Leave side say that the UK only gets half of its CAP spending back in subsidies
  • Additionally, they say that 65% of farm workers are EU migrants – leaving would free up thousands of jobs for British people
  • Finally, they say that the UK could spend the money that is currently spent on EU membership, on supporting farmers

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