Referendum Watch: Fishing

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Both sides of the EU debate constantly bicker about the EU and fishing. Do you want to know what the facts are? At Pluto, we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. However you vote, we want you to have the facts. As such, find three brute facts – all of which are cited – and three arguments from each side.

Brute Facts

  • The EU has a Common Fisheries Policy which sets rules for the amount of fish each country’s fishing boats are allowed to catch (Source)
  • In terms of gross tonnage, the UK has the second biggest fishing fleet in the EU (Source)
  • The UK has more jobs in the processing of caught fish than any other country in the EU (Source)


  • The Remain side say that fisheries have to be managed to prevent over-fishing
  • They also say that EU funds have helped develop harbours and docks in a way the British Government would never fund
  • Finally, they say that caps on fish have helped endangered species populate again


  • The Leave side say that the Common Fisheries Policy has devastated the British fishing industry
  • They also say that having to dispose of excess catch is destroying the environment
  • Finally, they also say that having to negotiate fishing quotas regularly is meaning fisherman have to live life on a knife edge

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Joe Young has been involved with student media for a very long time now, holding posts within The Pulse, and Pulse Radio, as well as the predecessor of The Pulse, Pluto. He is currently Politics Editor of The Pulse, and Head of News of Pulse Radio. In 2016, he won the Media Award for Best Article for his coverage of the Fishergate Shopping Centre bomb scare.

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