Referendum Watch: Immigration

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

This is the big one, and arguably the cause of the referendum. So, let’s just get straight down to it.

Brute Facts

  • In the last year there was a net increase of 333,000 migrants (Source)
  • This consists of 630,000 immigrants, and 297,000 emigrants (Source)
  • This increase is 20,000 more than the previous year (Source)


  • The Remain side say that EU nationals in the UK contribute more in tax and national insurance than they take out. This was published in a report from University College, London
  • They also say that Brexit could cause the 1,200,000 British citizens who live in the EU to be deported – enough to fill Birmingham
  • Finally, they also say that outside of the EU, the UK would still have to accept freedom of movement to keep access to the Single Market


  • The Leave side say that freedom of movement across the EU makes it difficult to combat terrorists, who can access Europe through the Balkans
  • They also say that ever year, enough migrants come to the UK to fill a city bigger than Newcastle
  • Finally, they say that if the UK left the EU, a points-based migration system could be introduced that doesn’t punish non-Europeans

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