Referendum Watch: Leave

By Bowen Perryman - Reporter

This is the first of two posts to end the Referendum Watch series: we’ve asked a student from either side to write between 300 and 400 words about their decision. We flipped a coin, and Leave go today, followed by Remain tomorrow. Read on to find why Bowen Perryman thinks we should leave:

For democracy, we’re stronger out.

By now you’ve probably made up your mind or at least heard every side of the argument for the referendum on whether to leave the European Union. Polling shows that the UK is split over this issue with fear and anger being deployed in equal degree by both the leave and remain campaigns. When you go to the polls on Thursday I know you’ll be voting for what you think is best for you and the future of the United Kingdom, in attempting to convince you that voting to leave the EU is the best option I daren’t use the word fact as it seems significantly diminished in meaning. Instead I urge you to look to your values and weigh up the reality of an EU heading towards an ever closer political union with control of our own destiny slipping through our fingers.

For me the key issue about the EU is the abstract issue of sovereignty, in real terms it’s the ability to control our own destiny through democracy a process that gives people power over the state. Democracy is fundamental to achieving and progressing the rights of people, it is through democracy that we are no longer ruled over by people designated our masters by accident of birth. The EU appears intent on replacing democracy with the rule of big business through deals like the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) which along with the freedom of movement threatens the existence public services, and unelected unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU commission who initiate laws which impact on our lives. Still, there are those eternal optimists that believe that the EU can reform despite almost 50 years of evidence to the contrary.

I hope, like me, you want your government to be elected, accessible, and accountable because that is the way we influence the decisions made which affect our lives and defend and progress our rights. The choice you make on Thursday will have lasting implications for the ability of our government to make decisions in our own economic and social interest; that is why I will be voting leave.

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