Referendum Watch: Terrorism

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

The threat of a terror attack is a horrifying prospect. As such, it’s been an issue that has been thrown around by both Remain and Leave. To find out what they’re saying, read on.

Brute Facts

  • The overwhelming majority of the terror attacks that have taken place since the birth of the European Union are separatist attacks – these tended to be the IRA and the ETA (a terrorist group aiming for Basque independence) (Source)
  • Since 2011, all but two terrorist attacks have been carried out by Islamic extremists (Source)
  • Overall security spending in the EU amounts to €2,147 million (Source)


  • The Remain side say that the European Arrest Warrant keeps the United Kingdom safe
  • They also say that British intelligence is generally ahead of the services on the continent – remaining would keep the entire continent safe
  • Finally, they say that European law allows the blocking of entry to Britain if security is at stake


  • The Leave side say that the Schengen Area allows terrorists to travel to the UK’s doors with no hindrance
  • They also say that in the event of Brexit, the UK could still co-operate with the EU, in the same way the UK does with the United States of America
  • Finally, they say that freedom of movement allows extremists from other Member States to set up shop in the UK with ease

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