Referendum Watch: The Environment

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

The Environment is an issue that the EU is actively involved in. But should it be? Would it affect your vote? Read on and find out.

Brute Facts

  • There are multiple EU initiatives to tackle climate change (Source)
  • As a whole, the EU has adopted the Paris Protocol (Source)
  • It also sets standards for beach cleanliness across Europe (Source)


  • The Remain side say that EU standards have caused our beaches to clean up – 95% are now safe to swim in, and 60% are rated “excellent” in cleanliness
  • They also say that the EU ban on certain pesticides is saving lots of native British insects
  • Finally, they say that issues such as whaling are better dealt with on a continental scale, using a unified voice


  • The Leave side say that now beaches are clean, leaving the EU would have no real impact on them
  • They also say that the EU ban on certain pesticides is detrimental to the British farming industry
  • Finally, they say that complaints from the EU on issues such as whaling means nothing as it tends to not be EU countries that do it

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