Referendum Watch: Work

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Do workers’ rights and employment affect how you’ll vote in the Referendum? Do you want to know what both sides are saying? At Pluto, we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. However you vote, we want you to have the facts. As such, find three brute facts – all of which are cited – and three arguments from each side.

Brute Facts

  • At the time of writing, unemployment in the EU is 10.2% (Source), which is double the UK level of 5.1% (Source)
  • Some workers’ rights are guaranteed by the EU – these include equal opportunities, health and safety, and working hours (Source)
  • For those in full-time employment, the UK works more hours per week than the EU average (Source)


  • The Remain side say that 3,000,000 UK jobs are linked to EU Membership
  • They also say that the EU is responsible for paid maternity leave, guaranteed holiday pay, and workplace protections
  • Finally, they say that every day, the UK receives £66 million in investments from the EU


  • The Leave side say that less regulation in the workplace could stimulate job creation
  • They also say that holiday pay and maternity leave would only change if the UK decided to change them
  • Finally, they say that outside of the EU, the UK could get more investment from elsewhere

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