[REVIEW] 5 Seconds of Summer, Manchester (23/4/16)

Kirsty Moody

From cover videos on YouTube back home in Sydney to World Tours, 5 Seconds of Summer have really taken off, from supporting One Direction gaining a loyal fandom, all of that you can see on Twitter and Instagram. With sold out arenas for their world tour, it’s no surprise in Manchester Arena for their second night in the city that all you can hear is young girls screaming “5SOS”, with their band merchandise and face painted with the bands logo.

With opening acts Jessarae and Don Broco, the two acts got the crowd warmed up but that was nothing like the screams and chants the four Australia boys  when they stepped onstage for their first song Carry On.

The Australian band knew exactly how to interact with their fan base, stopping during songs and trying to ask questions but as Calum said at one point “it’s kinda hard to keep like some general conversation with fifteen thousand people, it’s a bit of a tricky thing to do”.

At many stages the boys went round to each section of the arena getting everyone to make noise for the, if you weren’t a massive fan of the boys and only went as a favour to friends, then your eardrums would probably have burst from the screams of joy from the fans.

Before the boys even managed to sing their own songs, the fans were already singing along, the lyrics clearly etched into their brains and hearts from the over listening to the albums. This proved helpful at the times when the boys asked the fans to sing the words back to them.

Throughout the night, Michael tried to sing the beginning of Jet Black Heart acoustic but before he could even get the words out the fans were screaming for him, this just shows how invested the fans are in this band.

The boys performed the majority of the songs on their latest album Sounds Good Feels Good but still played some of their original songs from their first album which is what made them as popular as they are, even so the fans seemed to be more excited about the latest songs rather than the popular ones. This could be as they probably attended the first tour Rock Out With Your Socks Out.

Even though they are out on that stage performing for their fans, it’s still easy to see the love they all have for each other, with the jokes of who wants to kiss Calum and who wants to shout profanity at Michael. Many of the fans probably go to the shows just to see the boys talk to each other like that.

A highlight of the night for many fans and their partners who may not k ow the bands song is the cover of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’. As the boys said the sections of the show is used to normally write a song relating to the city they were performing in, but Ashton pointed out “why make up a song when the best come from here?” Muddling through the song with the help of the audience, it may not have been the perfect cover but it was definitely something different for the audience.

With the amount of love the fans clearly have for the band, it’s no surprise that the four boys are absolutely dripping with sweat after the show, from running to one side of the stage like Calum, Luke and Michael, but Ashton is sweating with the amount of effort he puts in on the drums, it’s a surprise that he hasn’t broken a drum set.

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