[REVIEW] Beyoncé – Freedom (Single)

Janeth Mwasa

Earlier this year Beyoncé realised her sixth studio and her second “visual album” called Lemonade. The creation of the album was all very secretive as she once again surprised her fans just like in December 2013 when she realised her name sake album Beyoncé. Once again the beautiful and talented artist made headlines. Since her album came out in late April this year, all critics have been talking about is Queen B and Lemonade. Critics praised Lemonade as Beyoncé’s boldest and best crafted work to date!

This album contains 12 songs and a 60min film of the same name. At MTV VMAs 2016, Beyoncé led the pack with 11 nominations and 6 awards for, video of the year, best female video, best pop video, breakthrough long form video, best choreography, best direction, best cinematography, best editing.

The film uses poetry and also includes some inspirational figures the likes of Serena Williams and Amandla Stenberg. The visual also includes the mothers of the deceased teenagers who have suffered from police misconducts. The mothers were featured holding pictures of their departed sons.

 2016 has been a year of the Black Lives Matter movement. Protesters have been standing up to police brutality in America. This is why Beyoncé’s Lemonade album and visual clip partly focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement. In her own artistic way Beyoncé is using her fame to protest and get the word out there that these men working within the law must stop misusing their power. The world cannot bear any more lives being ended in vein. Most notably political track in Lemonade definitely got to be “Freedom”. Beyoncé pours her soul out along with rapper Kendrick Lamar which shows listeners that Queen B has had enough. When will this change? How long must people stay silent?

 “Freedom” is definitely one of my favourite songs from her album, along few others of course. But why do I like “Freedom”? Well, besides the political side to it, I really love how passionate she sounds on the track. Her voice so strong and words so creative. There’s a motivating side to the song. Personally when I listen to it I suddenly feel like HELL YEAH! I can face anything that the day throws at me. Also the collaboration with Kendrick Lamar I think is just perfect as I have always thought of Kendrick Lamar one of the best poetic and influential rappers.

5 Stars

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