[REVIEW] Beyoncé – The Formation Tour @ Cardiff

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Beyoncé truly is the Queen. I’ve seen Kylie. I’ve seen Gaga. I’ve seen Madonna. I’ve seen Mariah. But to quote Beyoncé herself, “say I slay. I slay. I slay. All day. We gon’ slay”.

And slay she did.

A special mention must go out to the opening act – normally I think they’re absolutely dire, but DJ Magnum was good. Although some choices were questionable – the best example being going from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ ‘Can’t Hold Us’ to the late Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ – the taste of the music he used was on point for the audience that were there.

The staging of the Formation World Tour centres around the Monolith. A seven floor high LED cube in the middle of the stage which can rotate. Look at the above image; see the massive screen in the middle? That moves, and can open. Look below; voilà, it is open.b2

There was also a point where Beyoncé and her backup dancers (who where also incredible) took to a pool of water! With every move, my breath escaped a little, expecting one of them to slip or for something awful to happen. But no. It was immaculate.



Musically, Beyoncé was impeccable. No backing vocals to sing along with. It was pure power, and you could feel the power boom across the Principality Stadium. Her setlist was considerable, and although at times it felt a bit too long, but that did in no way distract from the sheer presence that Beyoncé carries.

The only criticism I would have is that there was a lack of flow – for the other Pop Divas, it’s obvious that it carries over somewhat. Madonna used strong themes to tie everything together, as did Gaga. But Beyoncé seemed far too focused on what could be on the cube, so thematics themselves felt a little left out. The cube itself was unusual enough to mean that it didn’t detract massively though. Just look below to see the sort of thing that was done with it – these hands were moving as a live border as Beyoncé was performing. b1

The best bit though? You can tell she loves her work. She kept smiling, throughout all of the show. Whenever she had a moment between songs, she would stop for breath, and you could see a smile crawl across her face.


And her enthusiasm was infectious. It made smiles come across ours too. A fantastically staged show with great vocals, unique and unforgettable staging, and a star that shines more than the lie detector in Parliament. An incredible tour:

5 Stars

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