[REVIEW] Calvin Harris – My Way (Tiësto Remix)

Ashleigh Clarke

With over 122 million streams on Spotify already, Tiesto’s remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘My Way’ is proving to be a success.

Although Harris’ version is more poppy and designed to be more for radio play, the remix seems to be more radical and definitely a prime song to be played at clubs. Tiesto offers up more of a house beat with additional synth tones that gradually build up as the song goes on, dropping a sick beat as the kids say today.

It’s filled with intensity that persists throughout and Harris’ voice is heard repeating the words ‘My Way’ through a vocoder for more effect. Although he has definitely put his own spin on the song, it doesn’t discredit Harris in any way and actually pays homage to him with the use of his lyrics. During the middle of the song, the bass turns heavy and is used against the constant pounding of the bass drum in the background, this definitely turns this catchy tune into a more unstoppable banger.

This Dutch producer has made sure to leave his mark on the song, and with the remix being a lot more distinctive than the original, it’s a tune people won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


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