[REVIEW] Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind (Album)

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

Charlie Puth is another one of those guys who got very famous very quickly after being discovered on YouTube. Just last year, he signed with Atlanta Records and released his debut single “Marvin Gaye” which features the already popular Meghan Trainor. He released his album “Nine Track Mind” in January and already it’s taking the music world by storm.

The album opens with the effortlessly endearing “One Call Away”. It’s the type of song you can imagine yourself swaying with your love to in the living room, or just having a good old fashioned sing along to yourself with your hairbrush. It’s a typical, sappy ballad but there’s something so helplessly lovely about it.

“Dangerously” is the next song – it’s a bit more hard hitting than the previous track and with the punchy drum beat and hypnotising taps of the piano, it’s great to listen to. Just after one listen of this song you’re already hopelessly addicted to its catchy, shoulder bopping rhythm.

“Marvin Gaye” is the track that put Puth on the music map for good. Teaming up with Trainor’s smooth vocals, it’s a song that people won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

“Losing my Mind” is slightly more slow going than the others, but it works in his favour as there’s an taste of old school R&B in there, giving it a more funky beat while he sings. His lyrics speak to me as a student on a personal level – “I’ve got so much to do, but not enough time”.

Just hearing the acoustics of the quick guitar at the beginning, you know it’s already going to be a great song. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” tell the story of two people who well, don’t talk anymore. It’s a relatable song as it features female vocals, giving the song a more three dimensional shape, telling it from both points of view. Even though they don’t talk, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped thinking about you. It’s another homerun for Puth.

Speeding things along, up next we have “My Gospel”. It’s a definite game changer as his singing starts to quicken, working smoothly against the clicking of fingers in the background as the main beat. His voice seems to get a bit more experimental in this song as he hits the high notes without a hitch.

Bearing in mind that there’s been quite a few ballads already, each one sounds different to the last. “Up All Night” is proof that they still have some ‘umph’ about them while potentially being a sad song. It’s magnetic to say the least.
The piano works wonders for Puth as he seems to draw you in with each song he performs. “Left Right Left” is what I like to call a ‘bath song’. Press play, soak and sing. It’s easy listening, relaxing and enjoyable.

“Then There’s You” is a song I could see being featured in a romantic film where there’s the cliché montage of the couple meeting for the first time and falling in love. I don’t think it’s as catchy as the other songs and for me, it’s just a filler track with an average beat but it’s not all bad.

Slipping into a more R&B style like his previous track “Losing My Mind”, “Suffer” grips you from the start with its timid piano melody, snapping fingers and soft harmonies of the choir against Puth’s fluctuating vocals.

“As You Are” is a love declaration in the form of a song. It’s a non-judgmental, accepting someone for who they are ‘kind of track’. It has a soft, funky beat and a catchy rap during the bridge.

“Some Type of Love” proves that Puth’s album can feature any style of song. He hits it up again with the choir and the result was amazing. The vocals work together in synchronisation and while they start to hum in a low drawl, his high yet smooth pitch glides so serenely against it. It’s a bit magical.

Last but not least we have “See You Again”, some of you may have heard this in ‘Fast and Furious’ – which makes the song even more emotional that it already is. Accompanied by Wiz Khalifa, this heart wrenching track has a banging drum beat and unforgettable lyrics. I don’t think I’ve listened to this yet and not teared up, especially when watching the music video.

Overall, I think his album has been a success and I can definitely see him progressing further. Below is ‘See You Again’ so make sure you check it out if you’ve not heard it already!

5 Stars

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