[REVIEW] Deepwater Horizon

Jessica Boyle

Deepwater horizon is a disaster film, based on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill. The disaster caused 11 deaths and is the biggest oil spill in history.

Mark Walberg stars as Mike Williams – and engineer who leaves to work on an oil rig, leaving behind a wife (Kate Hudson) and a daughter. As soon as Walberg lands on the rig there is tension as BP executives ignore safety concerns regarding a drilling operation that is due to take place. Donald Vidrine (played by John Malkovich) a BP executive appears to be unmoved by concerns about faulty equipment and unfinished safety checks from members of the rig.

Despite the protests to start the drilling operation, Donald Vidrine (Malkovich) insist that it is carried out. Soon after the work begins major problems occur causing oil to spill, resulting in an explosion that leaves the workers fighting for their lives. Mike Williams (Walberg) and Caleb Holloway (Dylan O’Brien) are just two of the 120 crew members on board the oil rig, however the film focuses on their frantic attempt to rescue as many crew members and get them to safety.

It is easy to get caught up in the action of the film and forget that the men fighting to save their friends and escape the burning rig themselves, are real people with families and not just characters in the film. Felicia Williams (Hudson) role in the film brings back the reality of it all, although her part is not major, it hits home.

The film places blame on the BP for the events that took places on the rig, showcasing their lack of concern for their workers. It is clear to see throughout the course of the film that profits are placed over the potential loss of life and damage. It is not so often that you see a film which so boldly places blame. Donald Vidrine (Malkovich) is there to witness the carnage caused by his actions before heading to safety.

Deepwater Horizon is a truly enjoyable film, which I would highly recommend. While jam-packed with action the overall film is respectful to the true events that took place upon oil rig in Mexico and is a wonderful tribute to the people involved.



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