[REVIEW] Eddie The Eagle

Caitlin Mclaren

Looking for a feel-good film to pick you up and inspire you? Look no further, Eddie The Eagle flew off the screen and into our hearts.

The gasps in awe bellowed as the cinema enjoyed every scene in which Eddie took on his dream to join the Olympics. It’s no wonder the story attracted a star-studded cast as it’s like no other in it’s truly beautiful tale.

Taron Egerton meshed so well with his role that at times, it was difficult to say it wasn’t The Eagle himself! The onscreen partnership with Hugh Jackman was an excellent example of an upcoming film star and an experienced Hollywood giant. The event itself didn’t need dramatizing because it was such a great story anyway and it was told so well onscreen.

For those who don’t know who Eddie The Eagle is, he was a downhill skier who never made it onto the Olympic squad. Eager to make his dream come true, he decides to take on Ski Jumping, one of the most dangerous winter sports without any training. With a head full of dreams and the clothes on his back, he heads into the vast world of ski jumping and learns very fast that it could be more difficult than he initially thought.

The brightly lit screen gives us an insight into the ever optimistic Eddie’s eyes as he surrounds himself in everything to make him the success he is today. The tone being ever upbeat as his quest to achieve his goal takes place until he is hit with the realism that Bronson (Hugh Jackman) faces him with. Nevertheless, it never makes the tone dark as we are always faced with the innocence and determination of Eddie.

The music interestingly, alongside some familiar anthems was composed by Gary Barlow. He gave the soundtrack a sound of the time which sounded very familiar but was a new upbeat collection.

The acting is the talking point, as I believed every characteristic of Eddie was captured wonderfully by Egerton. He knew exactly how to portray the quirky eccentric. Jackman also played a vital role in shaping the film as he turns into a firm believer of Eddie in the end.

All in all, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I think one-off, feel good films have the ability to do so well in the market of inspiring others.

5 Stars

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