[REVIEW] Green Day – Bang Bang/Revolution Radio

Finally, the moment has arrived: the beloved band Green Day have released another song. This moment has been highly anticipated by some, and dreaded more than Donald Trump’s presidency by others.

This can only be due to their ahem mildly disappointing ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’ and ‘Tres’ albums of 2012 that, apart from the inexplicable ‘Kill the DJ’, were less enjoyable than a bikini wax. Whereas almost every song on every other album they have made was in some way catchy, quirky or childishly charming, these seemed rushed and carelessly thrown together. I’M SORRY GREENDAY, I STILL LOVE YOU, PLEASE TAKE ME BACK.

 ‘Bang Bang’, released this year, almost caused me to well up with joy. It embodies the rapid pace of ‘St Jimmy’ from American Idiot, along with the beautifully nonsensical lyrics that ring true of ‘Geek Stink Breath’ from Insomniac. As soon as you hear Billie Joe’s distinctive trawl, you know they have redeemed themselves and moved far away from the demons that followed them after their ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’, ‘Tres’ fiasco. It is as though they have risen from a deep, rockstar slumber, guitars/drum sticks in hand, ready to make us happy again.

 It is a similar fairytale when it comes to ‘Revolution Radio’, which would fit snugly alongside the rest of the songs on 21st Century Breakdown. Some may view this as a good thing, others may not. Whilst ‘Bang Bang’ is a delightfully random affair, RR offers more of an anthem like vibe. I had a strange impulse to leap out of bed and clap my hands above my head repeatedly (you get the idea). It is angry and contains several screechy guitar riffs, with a chorus that will inevitably make it the track on the album that their fans wait/scream for when they go to see them live.

Overall, this particular Green Day fan is extremely impressed and monumentally guilty for her earlier crippling doubts.


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