[REVIEW] Green Day – Revolution Radio (Full Album)

Ashleigh Clarke

Green Day are a band, that no matter how old you are, they will always take you back to a certain time in your life that you remember and cherish the most. They are a band I spent most of my teenage years listening to, and being only 21, listening them reminds me of being 14 and belting out their anthems no matter where I was, kitted out in my studded belt and layers upon layers of black eyeliner. Just like Billie Joe.

I’m happy to announce that this Grammy Award winning rock band are back with their 12th studio album titled ‘Revolution Radio’ – an album full of raw and unhinged power, solidifying the fact that they are one of the biggest reigning rock bands of this century.

The album starts off with ‘Somewhere Now’, and even though the song opens with gentle acoustics, it doesn’t take long for it to really kick in. To me, it tells a tale of what things used to be like and how much has actually changed over the years. It’s a vigorous way to start off the album and instantly gets you in the mood for more. ‘Bang Bang’ for me is all about the drums, as Tre delivers what is truly a masterpiece. The song itself is energetic and takes you back to your very first gig, your blood’s pumping, your heads sweating and everyone around you is feeling the complete ferocity of the music running through their veins. It’s forceful, constitutional and unapologetic.

Revolution Radio’ is one of the catchiest songs on the album as the chorus is totally carefree and makes you want to lock your bedroom door, turn the song all the way up and hurl yourself around the room. Sliding into a more emotional but still upbeat tune, ‘Say Goodbye’ is definitely more hard hitting than the previous songs, some could argue that it’s an anti-military anthem which would make sense given the bands political standpoint.

Outlaws’ is the first and only song on the album that really shows their age. It’s nostalgic and sentimental, a definite reflection of their childhood youth. ‘Bouncing Off The Wall’ is the only song on the album to not have a deeper meaning – it’s free, fun and loud, a nod to some of the songs from the ‘American Idiot’ era.

Still Breathing’ is a beautiful song that reflects Billie Joe’s sobriety and still being alive. A song to be celebrated, it’s one of my favourites from the album. ‘Youngblood’ is a bit more old school than the rest, and you can tell straight away it’s a classic love song dedicated to Billie’s wife, with the twist and pull of punk rock thrown into the mix.

Too Dumb To Die’ is another nostalgic, old school punk rock anthem that details Billie’s life as a young boy and asks the question, how did I get here? It’s a very reflective song that has hidden personal meanings. Both of the songs ‘Troubled Times’ and ‘Forever Now’ are very political and inspired by recent events. They both show Billie’s true satirical side and with ‘Forever Now’ being the longest song on the album, it’s the closest we’ve got to a modern day ‘Jesus of Suburbia’. Both songs are statements of anger against the government and lost youth.

This complex and political album comes to a close with ‘Ordinary World’ – a happy, wistful tune with such strong, yet simple acoustics providing the melody. It’s more of a message than a song, to me it’s telling us to remember that there’s still good and beauty in the world and we should never forget that.

Revolution Radio is an album to be adored by all and has really proven that despite previous flops, Green Day will always go back to their roots and prove themselves to be the ruling rock overlords they always have been and always will be.

5 Stars



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