[REVIEW] Huntsman: Winters War

Caitlin Mclaren

Following up from Snow White and The Huntsman comes the next saga in the Huntsman collectionHuntsman: Winters War!

The mediocre plot-line left me wondering: why did they even bother making a sequel? I know there is this imaginary struggle in Hollywood where no ideas are being put forth but please stop with the less than okay sequels.

The predictable, dull storyline leaves nothing to the imagination as the ending is predictable from about halfway through!

I must admit, I do enjoy the fantasy world that surrounds the plot and they set the scene perfectly. The colour drenches the screen so that we really capture the 3D experience. The tone of the film is easygoing with a few parts leaving me to confirm whether the age rating is actually appropriate because of it’s dark intentions. Without giving too much away for example, it is implied a baby gets burned alive…happy, I know. Plus a few raunchy scenes had me rather shocked too! Visually, I felt some parts of the film moved too fast especially during fight scenes, a huge blur usually commenced.

The sound always captures me in this type of film – the heavy sound of sword fights always has me gasping. A notable ‘sound’ would be Ravenna’s shouting and screaming which truly petrifies me as she plays an evil queen so well and I would love to see her play this type of role more often!

Freya (Emily Blunt) deserves a mention because her acting left the audience in two minds at all times. We want to feel sorry for her but her actions make her feel otherwise, right up until her last scene. Ravenna (Charlize Theron) is also played to a really high standard and when both are on screen, you genuinely do fear what’s going to happen next. Gryff (Rob Brydon) is inserted for comedic relief and at a few moments he did give me a few chuckles. One thing which was annoying was they kept referring back to Snow White (Kristen Stewart) who didn’t grace us with even a split second cameo so I wish the writer’s would of stopped mentioning her!

All in all, I rather enjoyed the first of the series but this installment has me worrying that it’s all going to go down a very slippy slop. 

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