[REVIEW] James Blunt – Love Me Better

Jessica Boyle

James Blunt has recently come back into the music scene, releasing a video for his new single ‘Love Me Better’. The single shows a different, fresher side to Blunt. The lyrics to the song contain heartfelt poignancy along with Blunt’s self-deprecating humour. The video continues with the theme of the song while also demonstrating the power of love and individuality.
I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the sound of ‘Love Me Better’. Usually the sound of James Blunt’s voice goes straight through me, however, this tune is guaranteed to have you clicking along with the music. It’s a good song to relax too, but could also be played at a party. It’s an all-rounder. If James Blunt’s new album is going to have this vibe to it, I’ll definitely be giving it a listen to. I reckon the release of his new album will be the Justin Beiber moment of 2017 where people go from hating and mocking him to pretending not to like Blunt’s music but secretly turning the radio up whenever his music comes on.
James Blunt’s album is released on the 24th March. Blunt has worked with a number of people to create ‘The Afterlove’, including: Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder and Amy Wadge. This album comes as a follow up from ‘Moon Landing’ which reached platinum status in the UK and spent 33 weeks in the UK Top 40 when it was released in 2013.

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