[REVIEW] Jamie T – Power Over Men (Single)

Caitlin Mclaren

The album Trick has produced what seems a thousand different sounds but Power Over Men is certainly something else.

I’m so excited by what Jamie T comes up with on a regular basis, when attending his gigs there are a massive range of people from rastas to mods. This mixture sums up his new fourth album, Trick, perfectly.

As a massive Jamie T fan, I have enjoyed all three of his other albums. When I listened to Tinfoil Boy, I thought Jamie had destroyed his old musical style and went for a Prodigy-esque approach to his new work. Not that this was a problem because I thoroughly enjoyed the tune. Then came Power Over Men and my mind was blown.

Trick was recorded both in London and Michigan and I feel like this allowed Jamie to branch out his records from both dance tracks to songs you can sway to. His vocals being the most recognisable feature of his work, doesn’t erupt in Power Over Men like they do in Tinfoil Boy which ultimately I prefer.

The easy-going sound reminds me a lot of his stuff from Kings and Queens, almost indie rock in his approach. The lyrics describe a story that you can play out in your mind. The type of lyrics that reminds you of someone.

I can’t wait to review the new album and see him in Manchester for the ultimate party and a celebration of a mass variation of music.

Long Live Jamie T

5 Stars


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