[REVIEW] Jeff, The Monster (13/04/16)

Pluto attended the opening night of the Drama Society’s Jeff, The Monster which left the audience still chuckling after the curtains closed!

The basic storyline follows Jeff, a notorious killer, who falls in love with one of his victim’s girlfriend, Jess. After he loses his ‘killer instinct’, he gets given the ultimate choice – become a member of society or pluck up the courage to carry on his murderous ways.

Looking beyond the obvious plotline, we look towards the character’s individual performances. Karl Lagoon (Stanley James Smith), my personal favourite, is a flamboyant flurry of funniness. The role was executed perfectly. His onstage partnership with Jeff (Rhys Turner) was a combination of humour and wit with a tad of a bromance blossoming. The other pairs throughout also retained the upbeat feel of the play including the sisters Lana (Kelly Vickers) and April (Jade Murphy), the married couple (Haylie Jones & Mo Sowole) and the hunter (Laimonas Vilpisauskas) alongside the frail, blind old lady (Abbie Tutt). Not to forget, the dastardly mayor Ted (Bejamin Hutchison) who I won’t mention anymore due to spoilers except his characteristic qualities were deceiving. Jess (Amy Blyth), who had a spell of stage time by herself captured the true feeling of fear which left the audience silent as they watched eagerly on. All characters were played to a superb standard and should all be proud of their performances. And who can forget the Grim Reaper (Joe Harper)? Who’s stage presence I didn’t enjoy because he reminded me constantly that I don’t have the pizza supply that he does throughout!

Taking the performance off the stage and behind the scenes, we see the work and commitment stretches further and the responsibility of the crew occurs to bring the play together.

The lighting and sound gave the play an extra dimension, especially as no setting was used. This can make grabbing the audience’s attention difficult but there was no problem as every single audience member had their focus on the compelling storyline. It’s significant to mention that the lighting was so well used that it was easy to decipher one location from the other.

Prop and costume was a big part of the play due to the fact that key features of the plotline referring back to these including the knife and ginger beer. I believe the right amount of props were used in order to make it effective without looking overdone.

A special mention to John Wojturski for creating this fantastic piece of art which is so well-written. With the added comedic element, which is always so difficult to write literally bringing the audience to roar with laughter. As he has just made progress of becoming Chair of Drama Society, I hope to watch more of his work in the future and wish him the best in his playwriting.

So, all in all, if you’re in need of loads of laughs and want to watch the work of those who are destined for a future in this field of work click here to buy tickets or find out more information!

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