[REVIEW] Jojo – Mad Love (Full Album)

Janeth Mwasa & Anita Kuambana

Ten years! Ten years it took this woman to realise a new album! Where has she been?!
The last time most of us heard of her was in 2006 when she released her second album “The High Road”. For most of us we were still in primary school jamming to that “Too little too late” song. She sorts of disappeared after that. But, 10 years later, her new album titled ‘MAD LOVE’ was released this October.
She came back with fire and surprisingly sounding great. Her come back definitely took most of us by surprise and she managed to position herself in a secure place within today’s music industry.
“MAD LOVE” is already earning wide range media attention, covering Rap-Up TV and Entertainment Tonight to Vogue, The Fader, MTV.com, and Elle. Critics are calling it widely “stylistic influences, ranging from slow-strutting electro-pop…to minor-key R&B…”. “MAD LOVE” is also the pop superstars first full-length collection in over ten years. The album has a total of 15 songs which includes recently released tracks, “FAB. (Feat. Remy Ma)”, “Mad Love” and “F*** Apologies (Feat. Wiz Khalifa).”
“F*** Apologies (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)” is currently rising at both Top 40 and Hot AC radio. A provocative but friendly video of the song is now streaming at JoJo’s official YouTube channel. The video was also directed by an EMMY® Award-nominated filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini, who has also worked with major music artists such as Beyoncé, Sia and Lana Del Ray.
One of the song that stands out to the both of us is “Music”. In the song she talks about her love for music and how she feels at peace when singing. She says “Everyone rises, everyone falls”, on here she is literally talking about herself and how she was at that peak moment and came rolling down. The song is about her past and future. It really touched us when she mentions about her dad’s death; she finds comfort with the thought of him always being there next to her.
Even the video of the song is very moving and personal too. The video includes footages of herself as a child, and shows this little happy girl always smiling and singing her heart out in competitions and concerts. The song is beautiful and cute but also so sad at the same time as the song also talks about her father’s death. “Music” is streaming now at JoJo’s official YouTube channel.
Overall, we got to give it to her. She has made a tremendous come back. She came back fighting and prepared. What’s even better about this album is how she tried hard to fit it with today’s generation. “MAD LOVE” has that new contemporary pop sound to it. Its relatable and exciting. This is a 5-star album for us.
5 Stars
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