[REVIEW] Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) [Remixes]

Major Lazer are back and this time they’ve paired up with Justin Bieber and MO to deliver the song ‘Cold Water’. The song has been remixed 6 times so it’s true when they say there really is something for everybody.

Afrojack Remix

This first one doesn’t leave anything to the imagination as it goes in fast and hard. This remix I think is more about the music as the beat is heavy and full of electronica. It slows down during the bridge, but starts to build straight after waiting for the drop. 5 Stars

Lost Frequencies Remix

A lot slower than the first one, you can tell straight away the voice has been dubbed to make it sound deeper, but it’s a remix you can tell would really get the crowd going, it’s more techno than the one before and the drop isn’t as heavy.


Ocular Remix 

This one is a lot more romantic with the use of the piano and sounds like it’s being played on a record player which gives it that nostalgic kind of feeling. To me, it’s more drum than bass and the chorus is just full blown electronica as it starts to lose the moody tone and speed up.


Boombox Cartel Remix 

This one is a lot more different than the others in the way that it sounds like you’re being submerged under water, everything is heavy but in the best way. The beat sounds like drops of water and even though it’s quite slow, it’s deeply driven.


Delirious & Alex K Remix

Synths make an appearance in this one and it focuses on the style of old school R&B. There is also added vocals in the background which emphasise the style even more. 320px-3_stars.svg

King Henry & JR Blender Remix

Definitely more mellow, with a hint of reggae and steel drums. Although the lyrics are slow, it works well with the kind of style they were going for. Female vocals are featured in this which definitely adds more depth to the song.


My favourite one would definitely be the first one as it’s full of energy and excitement and really gets you in the mood to dance!

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