[REVIEW] Milky Chance – Ego

Emily Jane Woolley Vass

Most people think Milky Chance is a one man, it’s actually two people from Germany, lead vocalist Clemens Rehbein and guitarist Antonio Greger.

This folk, reggae and electronic inspired pop duo have a new song out.

Ego is part of their new album Blossom which is to be out on the 17th of March. The song is really upbeat and although you can hear the iconic voice of Clemens, it is different to the previous slower moving songs they’ve both created. It didn’t take me long to get in to this song with the guitar intro drawing me in straight away.

The lyrics “Ego, see your ego” started immediately, with an exciting guitar that sounded very complimentary. I was surprised how I was able to dance to this song, it just made me want to move around and the underlying beat really got my heart pumping.

I’m very surprised at Milky Chance as the other songs I love such as Flashed Junk Mind are not as fast moving, sometimes the voices that have a slight husk to them can slow down the song even more. Ego’s chorus made me feel slightly emotional and each verse was interesting and told a story about a woman. “When I’m seeing my miss of roses.” I thought was a great lyric it made me think about what the song actually meant to me.

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